Friday, 21 December 2012

Good "Digital" Practices

Digital Citizenship - Random Thoughts

A video clip that caught my attention

This Video is about NASA explaining why the world didn't end on the 21st December 2012 even though the Mayan Calender ends on the 21st December which is supposed to mean that it was the end of the world on that day.

Places that I like to go

These are a few places that I like to go/ am very familiar with. The 7 different places are firstly the place where I live in, Summerdale Condominium, then my Primary School, Boon Lay Garden Primary School, Jurong Point, where I always go when I am bored during the holidays after PSLE, Jurong Regional Library, where I can borrow my favourite mangas. Japanese and Chinese Garden, where I go and play some sports with my friends and lastly SST, my secondary school.

About Me

Hi, My name is Tan Pat Guan and my friends call me Pat Guan.

My hobbies: Playing with my friends, Playing Computer, Reading books (To be more specific, a series of books called Alex Rider).I am childish at sometimes, so you might want to learn how to withstand my childishness. XD.  I am also a friendly person(I think). I love joking with my friends and and talking to them. I also am a talkative child who loves stuffed toys. I hope to make new friends when I go to Secondary School (SST).

By the way, The two pics above are my soft toys.